Re: Where can I get the GNU C compiler for DOS ? (Toshi Morita)
22 Sep 91 00:32:08 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Toshi Morita)
Keywords: GCC, question
Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, Sausalito, CA
References: 91-09-054
Date: 22 Sep 91 00:32:08 GMT

[Forwarded from apple!ctron.COM!dj (DJ Delorie)]
Use the archive-server at Clarkson. See info below.


Patch #4 has been uploaded to: FTP pub/msdos/djgpp

For convenience to non-FTP users, I have uploaded split versions to: MAIL pub/msdos/djgpp has an archive server that can mail you the
files. To get help on the archive server, send mail to, with the word "help" as the
message (not subject). The archive name is msdos/djgpp.

                                --- DJGPP - G++ for MSDOS/386 ---

Summary: djgpp is a port of the GNU gcc/g++ compiler to the 386/DOS
platform. The compiler and programs it generates run in the 386's
32-bit mode, with full virtual memory support. Various libraries and
utilities are provided also.

System requirements: 80386, 512K memory
Supports: 80387, Extended memory (up to 128M), XMS, VGA, SuperVGA,
    paging to disk (up to 128M).

            1027 May 31 14:04 Index
      2391625 Jul 22 10:29 (grape.ecs only)
          24954 Jul 22 11:12 readme
        677705 Jul 22 11:13
            1254 Jul 22 11:13 patches4.doc

              976 May 31 14:03 merge.c
            6924 May 31 14:03 merge.exe
            1244 May 31 14:03 split.c
            7474 May 31 14:03 split.exe

        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.000 (sun.soe only)
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.001 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.002 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.003 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.004 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.005 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.006 "
        294912 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.007 "
          32329 Jul 22 11:15 djgppzip.008 "
                ("merge djgppzip" builds the big .zip from these)

Note that the split files are multiples of 16384 bytes. This is so
that file transfer utilities that require multiples of some power of
two will work properly with hte merge utility.

A copy of patches4.doc is attached

Please do not ask me to make this available anywhere other than
grape.ecs or sun.soe. If you'd like it available elsewhere, contact
that site's administrator and ask them to transfer it.


----------------------------- patches4.doc

This documents patch level 4 of djgpp

New Features
Bug Fixes
Still to Come

New Features:

A unix compatible 16-bit compress is included in the samples and bin

Make.ini for NDMake is included

Profiling via gcc -pg is supported in all libraries, and gprof is

Brief documentation on gcc switches and library functions is provided

Go32 handles redirecting stdout and stderr to each other or to the mono

{A paging test program is included in samples/pagetest

Bug Fixes:

The ATI and Genoa drivers have been upgraded

Numerous opcodes unassemble correctly in debug32

Breakpoints list as enabled when they are

XMS's a20 handler is used to set and reset gateA20

Help in debug32 works properly

fdopen sets the text/binary mode properly

memcpy and memset return proper values

getkey() and kbhit() work better

GrText of characters >=128 works

string I/O functions preserve the proper registers

Hercules systems are better supported

emu387 compares numbers correctly

Still to Come:

DPMI - I have the 1.0 spec, but nobody supports it, not even Windows, so
it will have to wait.

VCPI - Someone else has started work on it; I have a spec on the way

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