non-imperative parallel languages (Sanjay Gadkari)
Mon, 9 Sep 1991 18:06:46 GMT

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non-imperative parallel languages (1991-09-09)
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Newsgroups: comp.parallel,comp.compilers
From: (Sanjay Gadkari)
Keywords: design, parallel, dataflow
Organization: The Ohio State University, Department of Computer and Information Science
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1991 18:06:46 GMT

I am interested in parallel (distributed) programming languages that
that have moved away from the strong process + shared
variable/channel/message/RPC structure, such as that exhibited by
CSP, distributed OOLs, RPC based languages, parallel versions of

I have studied extensions to functional and declarative languages, Id
(dataflow languages) and UNITY.

Are there other language classes or designs that seem appropriate,
that I have missed? Please mail responses, and I will post a summary.



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