1991 Compilers book, maybe

John R. Levine <johnl@iecc.cambridge.ma.us>
Fri, 13 Sep 91 13:30:16 EDT

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1991 Compilers book, maybe johnl@iecc.cambridge.ma.us (John R. Levine) (1991-09-13)
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From: John R. Levine <johnl@iecc.cambridge.ma.us>
Keywords: administrivia
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 91 13:30:16 EDT

I am trying to decide whether to print a paper version of the 1991 compilers
messages, like I did for the 1990 ones. The 1990 edition has so far sold 30
copies to book stores and 56 to individuals, which is about what I'd
expected but doesn't put it on anyone's best seller list.

There has been considerably more traffic in 1991 than in 1990 so a 1991 book
would be longer, about 900 pages rather than 600, and cost more, probably
$50 rather than $40 for direct orders, and a bookstore list price of $70
rather than $50. I'd be interested to hear from people who've bought the
1990 book, how useful you've found it and whether you plan to get the 1991

Anyone who still wants the 1990 book should order soon, since I only have a
dozen copies left.

John Levine, comp.compilers moderator
johnl@iecc.cambridge.ma.us or {spdcc|ima|world}!iecc!johnl

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