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Fri, 6 Sep 91 17:58:16 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Keywords: code, design, bibliography
Organization: Computer Science & Engineering, U. of Washington, Seattle
References: 91-09-012
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 91 17:58:16 GMT (Michael Gschwind - EECS) writes:
>What's the current state of research on code generator generators?

See recent work by Fraser & Henry; TWIG (David Hanson?), etc.
(Sorry, my bib won't tell me about these right now).

See also code generation by partial evaluation. 5 references follow;
probably the most applicable ones are the Jones, Sestoft, Sondergaard
paper and the Consel and Danvy paper. There are various other papers,
but I don't have handy references.

;-D on ( Code degenerator degeneration ) Pardo

5 references follow:

%A Charles Consel
%A Olivier Danvy
%T Static and Dynamic Semantics Processing
%J POPL '91
%W From Consel/Danvy Nov. 1990
%X Derive mini-Algol -> Scheme compiler from formal semantics. For
trivial programs, generates code about half the speed of Pascal/C.
    (S1.1) [C]ompiling a program amounts to dividing the representation
of its formal meaning into compile time and run time forms, and to
reducing the former while emitting a representatin of the latter as
object code.
    (S3.2) Every program is static (available at compile time) and the
store is dynamic (not available until runtime). Each valuation
function is static in its program argument. (The basis of compiling
via PE).
    Addresses: compiling a program, creating an interpreted compiler,
creating a compiled compiler.
    "Object code" is not necessarily code, can be code + data (e.g.,
constants). Their object code is Scheme.

%A A. Haraldsson
%D 1978
%T A Partial Evaluator, and Its Use for Compiling Iterative Statements in Lisp
%J ACM Principles of Programming Languages (POPL) 5
%P 195-202
%X Takes the source code of an interpreter and partially evaluates it
over input to produce the same result as compiling the input. The
evaluation is performed as a LISP source-to-source transformation.

%A Anders Haraldsson
%T A Program Manipulation System Based on Partial Evaluation
%R Linko\\*:ping Studies in Science and Technology Dissertations No. 14
%I Department of Mathematics, Linko\\*:ping University
%C S-581 83 Linko\\*:ping, Sweden
%D 1977

%A A. Haraldsson
%T Experiences from a Program Manipulation System
%D July 1980
%R LiTH-MAT-R-80-24
%I Linko\\*:ping University
%C Linko\\*:ping, Sweden

%A Neil D. Jones
%A Peter Sestoft
%A Harald Sondergaard
%T Mix: A Self-Applicable Partial Evaluaturo for Experiments in
Compiler Generation
%J Lisp and Symbolic Computation
%V 2
%N 9-50
%P 10
%D 1989

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