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3 Sep 1991 08:58:39-BST

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: parse, OOP
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References: 91-08-150
Date: 3 Sep 1991 08:58:39-BST

In article 91-08-150 (Steve Boswell) writ
>Actually, the only reason I suggested CLOS was that it allowed dynamic
>binding on its arguments and not just the object. (I know C++ does
>too, but I personally dislike C++.) This approach would also lend
>itself to languages being extended/redefined, which languages tend to
>do now and then.

Point of information: C++ does not allow dynamic binding on feature
arguments. It allows overloading of feature names and uses type
information to disambiguate the different features. As Dr. Meyer has
pointed out, this is static, not dynamic.

Paul Johnson
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[I thought recent versions of C++ had at least limited dynamic binding.-John]

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