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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Pierre Jouvelot)
Keywords: IDL
Organization: MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
References: 91-07-052
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 91 14:00:18 GMT

In article 91-07-052 (Bill Homer) writes:

>I recently came upon the SIGPLAN Notices Special Issue on the
>Interface Description Language IDL (1987), and I'm curious about
>its current status. In particular:
>Have alternative approaches been developed to a similar extent
>(toolset freely available, basis for commercial products, etc.)?

We developed a somewhat similar tool at the Ecole des Mines de Paris
(for C and CommonLISP) and used it to implement our interprocedural
parallelizer for Fortran: PIPS. This parallelizer and our software
engineering tool, named NewGen, are described in the following

                author = "Francois Irigoin, Pierre Jouvelot, Remi Triolet",
                title = "Semantical Interprocedural Parallelization:
                                  An Overview of the PIPS Project",
                booktitle = "Conference Proceedings: 1991 ACM International
Conference on Supercomputing, Cologne, GERMANY",
                month = "June",
                year = 1991,
                pages = "244-251",
                address = "CRI, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France",
                abstract = "PIPS is an experimental FORTRAN source-to-source
parallelizer that combines the goal of exploring interprocedural and
semantical analysis with a requirement for compilation speed. We present in
this paper the main features of PIPS, i.e., demand-driven architecture,
automatic support for multiple implementation languages, structured control
graph, predicates and regions for interprocedural analysis and global nested
loop parallelization, with an emphasis on its core data structures and
transformation phases. Some preliminary results on the practical impact of
our design choices are discussed. "}

We used CommonLISP for prototyping some phases, which were subsequently
rewritten in C for efficiency. CommonLISP and C NewGen are file
compatible, allowing a smooth transition from one language to the other.

NewGen is publicly available and can be anonymously ftp-ed from

. CRI, Ecole des Mines, Paris (France):
. LCS, MIT, Cambridge (USA):

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