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whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Steve Boswell)
24 Jul 91 00:18:08 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Steve Boswell)
Keywords: LL(1), parse, question
Organization: UC San Diego -- 1991 "Wannabe Real College" finalist
Date: 24 Jul 91 00:18:08 GMT

Hi all, I'm writing a LL(n) backtracking parser generator, and I've
hit upon a snag. Eliminating immediate and non-immediate left
recursion by modifying the grammar is easy enough (and well documented
in the Dragon Book, which is my reference) but I'd rather do it
using programmed methods. I have an algorithm for the immediate left
recursion, but I'm having trouble generalizing it to the non-immediate
case. Does anyone know of ways to do this, or where I can look it
up? If need be, I'll post my algorithm for avoiding immediate
left recursion.

Thanks in advance!

Steve Boswell, whatis@ucsd.edu, whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu

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