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29 May 91 18:39:19 GMT

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From: (Tim McDaniel)
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Organization: Applied Dynamics International, Inc.; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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Date: 29 May 91 18:39:19 GMT

In article 91-05-108 (Cameron Laird) writes:

      There are very few lints (maybe only two: the original, and
      Gimpel), and they haven't kept up with such language features as
      function prototypes.

Gimpel Software's FlexeLint is fully ANSI-compatable. It can also handle
most pre-ANSI constructs and semantics. It is an excellent product,
primarily because each message can be individually turned on or off, within
parts of a source file or for particular symbols or files. (Disclaimer: I'm
just a satisfied customer; I have no financial interest in G. S.)

Gimpel Software
3207 Hogarth lane
Collegeville, PA 19426
1 215 584 4261
It can be run on SUNs, VAXen, PCs, et cetera.

Tim McDaniel Applied Dynamics Int'l.; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Internet: UUCP: {uunet,sharkey}!amara!mcdaniel

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