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Thu, 23 May 1991 14:57:02 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Robert Metzger)
Keywords: parallel, books, vector
Organization: CONVEX Computer Corporation, Richardson, Tx., USA
References: 91-05-095
Date: Thu, 23 May 1991 14:57:02 GMT

In article 91-05-095 Julia Dain <> writes:
>Help please - can anyone recommend a good textbook on compilers for parallel
>Gelernter and Nicolau: Languages and compilers for parallel computing
>Polychronopoulos: Parallel programming and compilers (Kluwer Academic)
>Wolfe: Optimizing supercompilers for supercomputers (Pitman)
>Zima and Chapman: Supercompilers for parallel and vector computers (Addison

I recommend Zima/Chapman and Wolfe to new engineers in our department
(compiler development at CONVEX Computer Corp.) who wish to learn more about
vectorization and parallelization. I would not recommend the other two books
for this purpose, though they contain much useful material.

Wolfe and Polychronopoulos are updated versions of doctoral dissertations.
Gelernter and Nicolau is a collection of papers, essentially a conference

Zima/Chapman contents (376 pages)

Supercomputers and Supercompilers
Supercomputer Architecture
Scalar Analysis
Data Dependence
Standard Transformations
Supercompilers and their Environments
Appendix A- Tarjan's Algorithm
Appendix B- The Banerjee Test
Appendix C- Mathematical Notation

Wolfe contents (165 pages)

Data Dependence
Loop Fusion and Loop Scalarization
Loop Interchanging
Reductions and Recurrenes
Wavefronts via Loop Skewing
Storage Management
Vectorizing While Loops
Structure of a Supercompiler
(no index!)

Polychronopoulos contents (240 pages)

Parallel Architectures and Compilers
Program Restructuring for Parallel Execution
A Comprehensive Environment for Automatic Packaging and Scheduling
of Parallelism
Static and Dynamic Loop Scheduling
Run-time Overhead
Static Program Partitioning
Static Task Scheduling
Speedup Bounds for Parallel Programs

Gelernter, Nicolua, Padua contents (553 pages)

A total of 26 papers. My personal selection of interesting papers

A Theory of Loop Permutations - Banerjee
Experiences Using Control Dependence in PTRAN - Cytron, Ferrante, Sarkar
Static Analysis and Runtime Support for Parallel Execution in C -
Gannon, Guarna, Lee
Some Results on Exact Data Dependence Analysis - Li, Yew
The Structure of Parafrase-2- Polychronopoulos et al
Loop Rotation - Wolfe
Robert Metzger CONVEX Computer Corp. Richardson, Texas

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