MIPS cross-compiler on SUN?

andy oliver <ago@crosfield.co.uk>
10 May 91 10:50:59 GMT

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MIPS cross-compiler on SUN? ago@crosfield.co.uk (andy oliver) (1991-05-10)
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Newsgroups: comp.sys.mips,comp.compilers
From: andy oliver <ago@crosfield.co.uk>
Keywords: MIPS, GCC, SUN, question
Organization: Crosfield Electronics Ltd.
Date: 10 May 91 10:50:59 GMT

        I've a query about the availability of a cross compiler to run on SUN's
which generates code for the MIPS R3000 processor. Does such a beast exist?
If so, how good is it?

        We have a development environment comprising a network of Sun3, Sun4
and SparcStation2 machines, with a MIPS R3000-based target machine.

        I'd appreciate any info the networld has.

        Thanks in advance,

Andy Oliver ago@crosfield.co.uk
Crosfield Electronics Ltd.
+44 442 230000 x3375
[I wouldn't think it would be very hard to make GCC cross-compile from a
Sun to a MIPS, since GCC has support for both and the data formats are
similar. -John]

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