Re: Un-inlining? (Preston Briggs)
Thu, 9 May 91 16:46:02 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Preston Briggs)
Keywords: optimize, design
Organization: Rice University, Houston
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Date: Thu, 9 May 91 16:46:02 GMT (David Keppel) writes:

>A related operation is to optimize the common path through a function.
>Possible optimizations include delaying register spill/restore until the
>values are actually used (rather than ``well they're used *somewhere* in
>the function;

Chow calls this "shrink wrapping" in his Sigplan 88 paper.

Minimizing Register Usage Penalty at Procedure Calls
Fred Chow
Sigplan 88 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation

It's apparently implemented in the MIPS compilers.
I've also seen it proposed for the Chez Scheme compiler.

Preston Briggs

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