Intergraph's GreenHill FORTRAN Compiler (Mike Jipping)
Wed, 1 May 91 14:06:18 GMT

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Intergraph's GreenHill FORTRAN Compiler (1991-05-01)
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From: (Mike Jipping)
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Keywords: Fortran, question
Organization: Hope College Dept of CS
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 14:06:18 GMT

I'm posting this for a friend who does not have USENET access. Please
reply directly to me and I'll summarize.

This friend has an Intergraph system he is developing software for. His
software is in FORTRAN and, when he started, he acquired a FORTRAN compiler
from Intergraph. It is apparently a GreenHill F77 compiler.

He has had no end of trouble. First, Intergraph had no manual -- and
told him to use the DEC FORTRAN compiler manual. Then he began to notice
very wierd and sometimes subtle errors. Like a 3-line program compiling
and linking to a 108 KBytes object module -- 88K after stripping. Like
programs with > 7000 lines crashing the compiler. Like very strange
placement of certain data structures in memory.

His original compiler was copyrighted "1983-1988"; his second release
from Intergraph was copyrighted through 1990, but eliminated only a few
of the wierd errors he found. At least he got a manual.

HELP! Has anyone had this kind of experience? Is this the Compiler from
Hell or did he just get the wrong releases? Are there workarounds?

Thanks for all the help I can get. As I said, send responses to me and
I'll summarize.

            Mike Jipping
            Hope College Department of Computer Science

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