Re: Intros to scavenging GC (Niels Christian Juul)
Wed, 1 May 91 09:30:26 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Niels Christian Juul)
Keywords: C++, storage, ftp
Organization: Department of Computer Science, U of Copenhagen
References: <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 91 09:30:26 GMT (Brian R. Gilstrap) writes:
>So, I am hoping to get references to introductory articles on garbage
To which our moderator has added:
>[Daniel Ross Edelson ( wrote a long paper, probably his
>thesis, on the topic of garbage collected C++. A postscript version can be
>FTPed from It's fairly long,
>106 pages including all the source code. -John]

I want to add a few clarifications:
The ftp site is:
The file is: /pub/tr/
or (without the code): /pub/tr/

So it's from 1990.

If you need more information on garbage collection, esp. as seen from
the object-oriented camp, I've collected a set of position papers from
last years Workshop on Garbage Collection in Object Oriented Systems.

These (including a short report on the workshop) is available for ftp from: in /pub/GC90/*

(The site name is a nickname for host, our old beloved VAX 785,
which is not operational this week, so you have to wait a week or more.
If you can't get access after mid-May, mail me and I'll try a work-around.)

The papers were available earlier this year at midgard, but I think
they are removed now.

Niels Christian Juul Email:
DIKU (aka Dept.Comp.Sci. Univ.Copenhagen) Phone: +45 31 39 64 66 ext. 405
Universitetsparken 1 -- DK 2100 Copenhagen Direct: +45 31 39 33 11 -- 405

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