Strings derivable from a grammar (Peter Garst)
Wed, 24 Apr 91 08:34:52 PDT

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Strings derivable from a grammar (1991-04-24)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Peter Garst)
Keywords: yacc, parse, testing
Organization: Compilers Central
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Date: Wed, 24 Apr 91 08:34:52 PDT

Ed King asks about generating strings described by a grammar.
Our grammar tool, ydb, does this, using approximately the following

For each rule and symbol in the grammar, keep track length of the
shortest derivable string. It is 1 for terminals; then you can do all rules
with only terminals on the right hand side; and so on. Just keep going
through the grammar until each one is labeled with a length. (If there
are unlabeled items and you can't get any more, they don't derive
terminal strings).

Then for any nonterminal it's a simple matter to get some derived strings.
For any rule defining the nonterminal, for each nonterminal on the
right hand side of the rule, you can pick a rule which you know will
lead to a terminal string eventually. This method leads to shortest
derivable strings.

If you want to generate lots of strings for a symbol, a search algorithm
using a stack of partial derivations would be appropriate.

We've found this idea to be very useful for debugging grammars; when
you have a grammar with problems it's handy to check if the rules
really describe what you think they do.

Peter Garst

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