Re: yacc specifications for HP's SPL. (Andy DeFaria)
12 Apr 91 16:21:54 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Andy DeFaria)
Keywords: yacc, parse, SPL
Organization: Hewlett Packard, Cupertino
References: <>
Date: 12 Apr 91 16:21:54 GMT

> (Dennis Handly) / 10:24 pm Apr 9, 1991 writes:
>I think there were other companies that offered a SPL to C translator.

I think that company is COGNOS. This is a highly successful Canadian
based 4th GL supplier (POWERHOUSE) who had a large investment in Classic
3000 SPL code. COGNOS realized that they needed their product on other
platforms and SPL is Classic 3000 only. Plus, even HP was going to more
open systems with MPE/XL and re-writing the OS from SPL to Pascal.
COGNOS, however, decided the C would be a better target language and wrote
an SPL->C translator. I believe they also sell this translator.

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