Need Common Lisp-compatible transcendental functions (Per Bothner)
27 Mar 91 22:15:33 GMT

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Need Common Lisp-compatible transcendental functions (1991-03-27)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp,comp.compilers
From: (Per Bothner)
Keywords: Lisp,
Organization: U of Wisconsin CS Dept
Date: 27 Mar 91 22:15:33 GMT

I'm implementing a run-time system for Lisp-like languages in C++, and I
need Common Lisp-compatible transcendental functions: sin, cos, log, etc
for complex arguments. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have suggestions for how to treat infinities? My model
is that: +Infinity == +1/0 and -Infinity == -1/0. Is this reasonable? How
about complex numbers? Any references to designs worked out by someone
with a strong math background?

My system contains GNU code, so I need code that is compatible
with the GNU license. (Kcl isn't.)

I will summarize mail.

--Per Bothner Computer Sciences Dept, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
[F2C has C code for the entire Fortran library and is subject to a very loose
Berkeley-style license. -John]

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