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26 Mar 91 13:44:39

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From: (Adrian J Ho)
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Date: 26 Mar 91 13:44:39

This may not quite be what the original poster asked for (I lost the
original posting), but a search via archie lists the following sites
with a full OCCAM system. From the README:

> OCCAM system for UNIX 4.2bsd
> ----------------------------
>This directory contains a beta site version of an OCCAM system.
>It includes a compiler for standard Occam with a few extensions (specified
>in the user manual). The compiler produces Vax/Tahoe assembler code.
>Also included is a library of runtime routines acting as the parallel
>machine simulator. Strong tracing options on the simulator's activities
>are provided.

Two things to note though:

1) This package is rather old.

2) I remember picking this package up a couple of years ago, and it churns
out (to my knowledge) ONLY Vax/Tahoe assembler code (as stated above). If
you're willing to try porting it to another architecture, more power to
you. 8-)

The sites are:

Host (
Last updated 12:04 26 Mar 1991

        Location: /pub
            FILE rw-r--r-- 101131 Nov 9 10:18 occam.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 05:05 22 Mar 1991

        Location: /pub/ArchiveVol1/unix_lang
            FILE rw-r--r-- 101131 Jan 6 09:25 occam.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 18:22 8 Mar 1991

        Location: /pub/languages
            FILE rw-r--r-- 101131 Feb 2 1989 occam.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 22:22 7 Mar 1991

        Location: /pub/misc/occam
            FILE rwxr-xr-x 101131 Aug 12 1988 occam.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 23:14 6 Mar 1991

        Location: /pub/programming/languages
            FILE rw-rw-r-- 101131 Feb 28 1989 occam.tar.Z

Host (
Last updated 23:10 6 Mar 1991

        Location: /languages
            FILE rw-r--r-- 101131 Nov 1 1988 occam.tar.Z

Good luck!

Adrian Ho, EECS (pronounced "eeks!") Dept. Phone: (415) 642-5563
UC Berkeley

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