SK - reduction machine wanted (John Gateley)
Fri, 22 Mar 91 15:25:01 CST

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SK - reduction machine wanted (1991-03-22)
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From: (John Gateley)
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Keywords: theory, SK-combinators, lambda calculus
Organization: Compilers Central
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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 91 15:25:01 CST

Wilco Staal writes:
>I'm looking for an implementation of Turner's SK- reduction machine in an
>imperative language (Modula-2, c, pascal, Ada in decreasing order of

Modula-2, C, Pascal, and Ada are all call-by-value (as opposed to
call-by-name) where Turner's combinator system (and all the following
research) are based on call-by-name. Also, you say that you are doing
a project on functional languages, and then mention a set of
imperative languages - do you really want side effects?

Bruce Duba and I are presenting a paper at MFPS on call-by-value
combinators, and Bruce has been working on combinator systems for
languages with side effects. Let me know if you want more info.


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