Oberon for MSDOS

erv@everest.TANDEM.COM (E. Videki)
Wed, 20 Mar 91 16:46:16 GMT

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Oberon for MSDOS erv@everest.TANDEM.COM (1991-03-20)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.modula2,comp.lang.modula3,comp.compilers
From: erv@everest.TANDEM.COM (E. Videki)
Keywords: Oberon, code, MSDOS
Organization: Tandem Computers, Inc.
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 16:46:16 GMT

Many people have been asking how to get my Oberon package for the MSDOS
environment. Last week I sent a ZIP form to SIMTEL20, and it is available
under FTP from pd1:<msdos.pgmutl> .

Additionally, I prepared last week a long messages with Questions and
Answers that I'd been receiving. This was send to comp.compilers,
comp.lang.modula2, comp.lang.modula3, and comp.archives. Maybe the backbones
are running slow, but the messages aren't in the newsgroups yet. I've
contacted some people to try and find out why.

Also last week, the Oberon package was prepared in uuencode format (5
messages, all under 50K to meet most mail requirements) for the
comp.compilers and comp.binaries.ibm.pc newsgroups. Again, they are not yet
there, and I'm trying to find where they are.

Finally, UCSD is placing a copy on their public machine in the next day or
so. They (and I) will announce when it is available. This will be for
anonymous FTP.

To all the people interested in getting this package, the number of requests
for it has been so large that only by public FTP or uuencode-download at the
requestor's convenience will I be able to satisfy most requests.

So, please keep watching these newsgroups. Both FTP and uuencode formats
should be widely distributed here soon, or you can go to those alternate
sources I mentioned.

            E. Videki
[Comp.compilers is not the place for large chunks of code, I expect it'll
appear in comp.binaries.ibm.pc in due course. -John]

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