C Users Group Cross Assemblers (was Re: TI9900 assembler wanted)

mzenier@polari.UUCP (Mark Zenier)
20 Mar 91 05:04:10 GMT

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C Users Group Cross Assemblers (was Re: TI9900 assembler wanted) mzenier@polari.UUCP (1991-03-20)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: mzenier@polari.UUCP (Mark Zenier)
Keywords: assembler, bibliography
Organization: Seattle Online Public Unix (206) 328-4944
References: <1991Mar17.153736.3409@cs.utk.edu>
Date: 20 Mar 91 05:04:10 GMT

In article <1991Mar17.153736.3409@cs.utk.edu> gathings@duncan.cs.utk.edu (Golando Gathings) writes:
>Is there anyone out there that has a cross assembler for the
>Texas Instruments TI 9900 series microprocessor. It must be able to run
>on an IBM pc compatible. Any help gladly welcome.

>[Perhaps the Frankenstein assembler recently discussed has a TI9900 version.

Not me, but someone else did. Here is a list of all the cross assemblers
available from the C Users Group library.

Mark Zenier markz@ssc.uucp mzenier@seattle.uucp
C Users Group
2601 Iowa St.
Lawrence, KS 66046

(913) 841-1631
          Distribution fee is $8.00 per volume.

(For a more offical order form, check for "The C Users Journal" at a
good computer oriented magazine stand.)

CUG148 Alexander Cameron
      TI 9900/99105

CUG149 Will Colley
      Motorola 6800, 6801
      RCA 1802, 1805
      Motorola 6805

CUG190 Steve Passe
      Motorola 68000

CUG219 Will Colley
      Intel 8048, 8049
      Rockwell 6502
      Rockwell 65c02

CUG242 Will Colley
      Motorola 68hc11
      Hitachi 301 (6301?)
      Intel 8051

CUG261 Stuart Dole
      Motorola 68000

CUG267 Will Colley
      Intel 8080,8085
      Signetics 2650
      STM (SGS-Thomson) S6

CUG276 Will Colley
      Zilog z80
      Motorola 6804
      General Instruments (Microchip) PIC1650

CUG292 Alan R. Baldwin
      Motorola 6800
      Motorola 6801
      Motorola 6804
      Motorola 6805
      Motorola 6809
      Motorola 6811
      Intel 8085
      Zilog z80(hd64180)

CUG316 H.G. Willers
      Zilog Z8

CUG335 Mark Zenier
      RCA 1802, 1805
      Signetics 2650
      Hitachi 6301
      Mos Technology/Rockwell 6502, 65c02
      Motorola 6800, 6801, 68hc11
      Motorola 6805
      Motorola 6809
      TI TMS7000
      Intel 8048, 8041
      Intel 8051
      Intel 8096
      Zilog Z8
      Zilog Z80, 64180

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