ASPLOS-IV Bonus SCI tutorial

baum@Apple.COM (Allen J. Baum)
19 Mar 91 18:15:47 GMT

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ASPLOS-IV Bonus SCI tutorial baum@Apple.COM (1991-03-19)
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From: baum@Apple.COM (Allen J. Baum)
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Date: 19 Mar 91 18:15:47 GMT
Organization: Apple Computer, Inc.
To: comp-lang-sigplan@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU


Bonus Tutorial: IEEE P1596 Scalable Coherent Interface
Will be held 8 PM, Monday April 8 in conjunction with ASPLOS IV
at the Doubletree Hotel at Santa Clara, 5101 Great America
Parkway, Santa Clara, California, telephone (408) 986-0700

    David B. Gustavson of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SCI Chairman)
and David V. James of Apple Computer (Vice Chairman) will bring you up
to date on SCI, a high performance multiprocessor interconnect
which is now in the final stages of the IEEE sponsor-ballot process.
  SCI provides bus-like functions by transmitting packets efficiently
over very fast unidirectional point-to-point fiber or wire connections.
  A brief tutorial will summarize the SCI hardware and basic transaction set,
describe the forward-progress guarantees offered by the design and
discuss SCI's support of message-passing and cache consistency.
The session will conclude with time for questions and discussion.
  An SCI extensions working group meeting will be held at HP Laboratories
Thursday and Friday April 11-12. Host is Hans Wiggers, 415-857-2433.

-- (408)974-3385

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