re: 6502 C compiler wanted (Eduard Schwan)
Sun, 17 Mar 91 07:32:40 PST

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re: 6502 C compiler wanted (1991-03-17)
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From: (Eduard Schwan)
Keywords: 6502, C, question
Organization: Compilers Central
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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 91 07:32:40 PST

> Is there such an animal that I can ftp as a C compiler
> for 6502-family

If they're still around, Manx Software Systems made/makes a great ROMmable C
compiler for the 6502, called Aztec C-65. The version I have is for Apple
ProDOS 8. It comes with a slow but useful Unix-like shell with I/O
redirection and command language (Yup, on a 64k Apple II!) I haven't used it
for years. The stats out of the book are:

Manx Software Systems
PO Box 55, Shrewsbury, NJ, 07701
(201) 530-7997
Sales - 1-800-221-0440

Now that I have migrated to the just-as-slow-on-a-Mac MPW environment, I may
be coerced out of my copy of C-65, if you're interested, and Manx no longer
exists. Despite my signature, I am really at pnet12!

Eduard [esp] Schwan

usenet: AppleLink: JL.MacTech

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