Re: 8051 assembler

mzenier@polari.UUCP (Mark Zenier)
15 Mar 91 23:15:32 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: mzenier@polari.UUCP (Mark Zenier)
Keywords: 8051, assembler, code
Organization: Seattle Online Public Unix (206) 328-4944
References: <>
Date: 15 Mar 91 23:15:32 GMT

In article <> h.-g. willers <hgw@rht32.PCS.COM> writes:
>As I have seen from the latest issue of "The C Users Journal", they have a
>8051 Assembler (among others) in source form. I'll quote from the
>> CUG335 Frankenstein Cross Assemblers
>> Mark Zenier (WA) has submitted a collection of cross-assemblers
>> written in the combination of Yacc and C.

But not Lex or Flex. The implementation of include files at the
yacc grammar level caused a such a messy conflict with the lookahead
in both Flex and Decus Lex, that I ended up rewriting the the lexical
analyzer by hand. Lex source isn't portable, especially if you
play with the input() macro.

They were posted to alt.sources December 4-6 1990. I'd recommend
sci.electronics, comp.realtime, or alt.sources.d for any further
discussion. I have no definite information on what sites they
are archived on.

Mark Zenier markz@ssc.uucp mzenier@polari.uucp


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