Re: 80C51 assemblers/Compilers. (Michael Haberler)
Mon, 11 Mar 91 15:44:50 GMT

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From: (Michael Haberler)
Keywords: assembler, 8051, code
Organization: Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien
References: <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 91 15:44:50 GMT

In article <>, (MIKAEL LINDBERG MORTENSEN) writes:
|> Is it possible to get a cheap/free copy of an assembler to 80c51
|> microcontroller.

A couple of years ago there was a 8051 compiler and assembler for a language
called `Poker' on a ftp-able host on purdue; I guess it was arthur.cs.purdue
(or merlin?).

I think it was designed for programming arrays of 8051 equipped with a math
coprocessor. The languages somewhat resembled a mixture of Pascal and BASIC.

The code actually was written very cleanly, so it might get you started.
However, looking through my ftp archive lists, it seems to be gone from

Then, there was a 8051 assembler posted on comp.sources.misc/volume.10. You
can ftp it from ( as
pub/oldnews/comp.sources.misc/volume.10/asm.8051.Z .

- michael

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