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From: (Peter S Fales)
Keywords: assembler, 8051, code
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories
References: <>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 19:06:14 EST

In article <>, (MIKAEL LINDBERG MORTENSEN) writes:
> Is it possible to get a cheap/free copy of an assembler to 80c51
> microcontroller.

Maybe we need an FAQ for this group :-) I have posted about these
products before, but probably only to sci.electronics.

Assemblers: The PseudoSam Level I assembler from PseudoCorp is free and
available from many BBS systems. Nothing fancy, but
it works quite well. They are hoping you will like it and buy
one of the fancier versions with macros, etc. I believe
they make assemblers for various micros, the only one I have
used is for the 8051.

Compilers: Dave Dunfield's Micro-C is an OUTSTANDING product. For
$35 you can get a compiler and assembler for the 8086, 8085,
6809, 68HC11, and 8051 (all of them, not just one). The
compiler generated code is neither as fast nor compact as
some of the commercial compilers, but you can't beat the price.

An extract of Dave's "catalog" is attached. Do not write to me, I am
not the one selling these products. I haven no connection with Dave
other than as a very satisfied customer

Peter Fales AT&T, Room 5B-420
N9IYJ 2000 N. Naperville Rd.
UUCP: ...att!ihlpb!psfales Naperville, IL 60566
Domain: work: (708) 979-8031

------------------------------cut here--------------------------------

                                        *** Catalog revised 11-Dec-90 ***

        Here is a list of software/firmware products which I currently have

        Anyone placing any order or registration will receive a current edition
of this catalog. You may also obtain a new catalog at any time by sending me
a self addressed, stamped envelope.

        Due to confusion about the prices in previous catalogs, All prices now
INCLUDE the cost of a "current" disk. If you wish to REGISTER a shareware
product which you have acquired by other means WITHOUT receiving the current
revision of that product on disk, deduct $5 from the prices quoted.

        You may order an update (on diskette) for any product which you have
already purchased, at a nominal update fee.

        All software will normally be shipped on 5.25" MS-DOS compatable 360K
diskettes. Other media/formats may be available by special request.

        All disks include complete documentation in the form of ASCII text files,
however registered users may also order high quality laser printed copies of
the documentation for a nominal fee. These may be ordered separately, or in
addition to the initial order.

        Please send all correspondence to:

                                Dave Dunfield
                                56 Burnetts Grove Circle,
                                Nepean, Ont. (Canada)
                                K2J 1N6

XASM: A collection of cross assemblers and associated utility programs.

                - Includes 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 6809, 68HC11, 8051 and
                    8080/8085 cross assemblers.
                - Output files in either INTEL or MOTOROLA hex format
                - Includes MACRO, a powerful macro pre-processor
                - Includes CREF, a utility for cross-referencing assembler source
                - Includes PSOURCE, a utility for protecting distributed source code
                - Includes HEXFMT, a utility which performs many useful functions
                    on the output code file, Including:
                        - Calculate checksums over all or part of code file
                        - Reformat output record type (INTEL/MOTOROLA) & length.
                        - Change base and load address of code image
                        - Control number of consecutive $FF (unprogrammed) bytes
                            written to output file
        Current rev : 1.2
        Registration: $15 (Includes ONE diskette)
        Update fee : $5
        Printed docs: $5
MICRO-C: Small 'C' compiler/utilities with source & documentation

                A portable small 'C' environment including Compiler, PreProcessor,
                Optimizer and libraries. This is an original work, and is NOT "Yet
                another version" of the existing public domain Small-C.
                - LOTS of documentation & complete source code is included.
                - VERY portable, not designed around a specific processor.
                - Includes code generators for 8080, 8086, 6809, 8051 and 68HC11.
                - 8080, 6809, 8051 and 68HC11 code generators are compatible with
                    my shareware cross assemblers.
                - Includes source code for useful examples programs, including
                    a pop-up (TSR) ANSI terminal with XMODEM.
        Current rev : 2.10
        Order fee : $25 (Includes TWO diskettes)
        Update fee : $10
        Printed Docs: $25
Peter Fales AT&T, Room 5B-420
N9IYJ 2000 N. Naperville Rd.
UUCP: ...att!ihlpb!psfales Naperville, IL 60566
Domain: work: (708) 979-8031

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