Re: Modula-2 grammar sought (ACMFIU)
9 Mar 91 06:24:21 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (ACMFIU)
Keywords: modula, parse, code, translator
Organization: Florida International University, Miami
References: <9102281111.AA12139@gmdka.uucp>
Date: 9 Mar 91 06:24:21 GMT

George Wells ( writes:
> I've been given the task of porting fairly large quantities of
> Modula-2 code to C.

There is a pascal to C translator knows as p2c which can be had from It "knows" about Modula2 code but to what extent I
don't know. You can mail the author, Dave Gillespie at
for more info. What's more, it's PD.


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