Oberon for MSDOS Available

erv@k2.everest.TANDEM.COM (E. R. Videki)
Fri, 8 Mar 91 23:20:08 GMT

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Oberon for MSDOS Available erv@k2.everest.TANDEM.COM (1991-03-08)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.modula2,comp.lang.modula3,comp.compilers
From: erv@k2.everest.TANDEM.COM (E. R. Videki)
Keywords: Oberon, MSDOS,8086, Modula
Organization: Tandem Computers, Inc.
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 23:20:08 GMT

I am making available an Oberon compiler and associated tools for the MSDOS
(Intel 80x86) environment. For a short time, this will be provided free to
anyone who asks for it via network mail.

Oberon, if you don't already know, is the 2nd generation programming language
past Pascal (and is the next step past Modula-2). It cleans up most of the
difficulties of Modula, while giving a clean, simple way to do just about
anything in a type-safe way. The definition comes from Niklaus Wirth, at ETH
in Zurich (who of course defined its predecessors).

My MSDOS compiler has been in use for 18 months, and has seen no bugs for
over a year. It contains the language revisions made by Professor Wirth.
Note that this compiler (and its associated library modules) are exclusively
for MSDOS; standard object files are generated and theoretically may be
linked with other non-Oberon files.

Programs written using this package are source compatible with the so-called
Oberon System used at ETH Zurich.

If you would like the package of compiler, library routines, and some
utilities, plus documentation files, contact me:

              E. R. Videki
              erv @ k2.everest.tandem.com

Distribution is in the form of a single binary file which un-Zips itself into
the package when executed under MSDOS (PKZIP format).

Our system's rules do not permit someone from outside reaching in to grab the
file, so you must provide for me FTP information for me to give it to you
(userid, password, directory, and PLEASE make the directory writeable by the
userid!) .

The file must be moved to a MSDOS machine in BINARY (!!!) and executed in
the subdirectory where you want the unzipped files.

-- ERV 6 Mar 91

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