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MODSIM II gloger@dbulm1.uucp (1991-03-08)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.object
From: gloger@dbulm1.uucp
Keywords: Modula, Modsim-II, question
Organization: DaimlerBenz Forschungsinstitut Ulm, Germany
Date: 8 Mar 91 11:33:10 GMT

I have heard about a product of a company CACI called MODSIM II, an
object oriented language based on an extended MODULA-2 syntax. Is there
anyone who have experience in using this language. We are working in the
field of vision, document analysis and image processing. Is there
perhaps anybody who have used this language in this field. I am further
interested in some details concerning MODSIM II in a VAX/VMS
environment. What about mixing other languages like MODULA-2, C, FORTRAN
with MODSIM II. Do the MODSIM II compiler accept MODULA-2 code

If you can answer one or more of these questions please contact me by
email (please use the email address of the signature).

                                                          Jochen Gloger

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