John Hagerman <hagerman@ECE.CMU.EDU>
27 Feb 91 12:29:59

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Parallelization hagerman@ECE.CMU.EDU (John Hagerman) (1991-02-27)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: John Hagerman <hagerman@ECE.CMU.EDU>
Keywords: parallel, question
Organization: Carnegie Mellon University
Date: 27 Feb 91 12:29:59

The post about the Oregon Grad Inst of Sci and Tech Summer Intensive
Tutorial and Workshop on High Performance Compilers uses two phrases
that intice me: "autotasking" and "non-loop parallelism". I've been
looking for parallelization literature for some time, and have never
been able to find anything about these subjects; however, since this
Workshop is going to cover the topics there must be such literature.
Can anyone point me to it? Please email to the address below.

Thanks - John


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