Re: yacc & dbx (Michael Henning)
31 Jan 91 02:45:11 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Michael Henning)
Keywords: yacc, debug
Organization: Pyramid Technology Corporation
References: <>
Date: 31 Jan 91 02:45:11 GMT (H T Fallside) writes:

>Anyone have any suggestions about ways of getting dbx to behave sensibly
>with a yacc generated parser as part of the program - ie indexing into the
>source during debug ?

There is not necessarily any sensible way to deal with #line directives in
the generated .c file. The easiest thing is usually to pre-process the
generated code with sed or some other tool to remove the #line directives
before compilation.

Michael Henning +61 75 950255
Pyramid Technology +61 75 522475 FAX
Research Park, Bond University
Gold Coast, Q 4229, AUSTRALIA uunet!munnari!ptcburp.oz!michi
[My experience is quite different; I've found it quite useful to put in
breakpoints and single step by line in the .y file. If you don't like the
#line directives, the -l flag to yacc prevents them. -John]

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