version 1.8 of Berkeley Yacc

corbett@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
21 Jan 91 03:19:18 GMT

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version 1.8 of Berkeley Yacc corbett@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU (1991-01-21)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: corbett@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU (Robert Corbett)
Keywords: yacc, parse
Organization: CSRG, UC Berkeley
Date: 21 Jan 91 03:19:18 GMT

I have placed a new version of Berkeley Yacc in ~ftp/pub/byacc.tar.Z
on ucbarpa (IP address The new version fixes an
incompatibility with AT&T Yacc regarding precedence declarations.
The charateristic of grammars where the incompatibility makes a
difference is that a shift and more than one reduction must be
possible for a given state-lookahead pair and there must be a
precedence declaration for the lookahead symbol.

The incompatibility affects useful grammars. In particular, a version
of EQN produced using earlier versions of Berkeley Yacc will produce
different results from a version produced using AT&T Yacc.

Version 1.8 does not include improvements I previously said would be
in 1.8. I have deferred those changes until version 1.9. Version 1.8
contains only bug fixes (as was also the case for version 1.7).

Yours truly,
Bob Corbett

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