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Mon, 7 Jan 91 16:15:55 EST

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comp.compilers -- the book (John R. Levine) (1991-01-07)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: John R. Levine <>
Keywords: administrivia, books
Organization: Compilers Central
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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 91 16:15:55 EST

There has been enough interest in a printed volume of comp.compilers that I'm
going ahead with the 1990 edition. Exact prices and availability remain to
be set, I have to figure out how many pages it will be and get some bids from
local copy places. The press run will be a few dozen, and the price will
reflect printing and mailing costs.

Although comp.compilers is not copyrighted, I do plan to copyright the printed
version. (Before you tell me what a slimeball I am, please read the rest of
this paragraph.) Compiling a table of contents and index, arranging the
messages by topic, and formatting everything so it looks decent will be a
substantial amount of work. If people want the results of that, I'd really
like it if they bought their copies from me so I can lower the per-copy cost
by increasing the press run rather than individuals running the whole thing
through a copy machine. Unless someone else has given you unlimited free
access to a copy machine, it would probably cost you at least as much to xerox
it as to buy it, anyway. Since individual articles are not copyrighted,
anyone who wants can still copy any articles, print out all the bits from the
on-line archives, or for that matter take the bits and produce another edited
printed version.

If any authors strenuously object to my plan, let me know and I'll leave your
messages out of the paper copy.

John Levine, comp.compilers moderator

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