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Organization: Philips Research Laboratories, Redhill, UK
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                                                                    WORKSHOP ON
                                                        ABSTRACT MACHINE MODELS
                                                      HIGHLY PARALLEL COMPUTERS

                                                      University of Leeds, U.K.
                                                                March 25-27 1991

                                                                  Organised by
              The British Computer Society Parallel Processing Specialist Group

Aim of the Workshop

The workshop aims to provide a forum for the discussion of abstract
machine models for highly parallel computers. Particular attention will be
given to the specification, implementation and application of such models
and to the identification of key issues for future research.

Workshop Format

A number of invited speakers will give keynote presentations. Working
groups will focus on major issues identified through position papers. The
main purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and as
many participants as possible will be given the opportunity to present a
position paper. The workshop will be restricted to 60 delegates and it is
expected that all partici- pants will be active researchers in relevant
fields. In the event that more than 60 applications are received,
selection will be on the basis of position papers submitted.

Invited Speakers Include :

    Dr. J.P. Banatre IRISIA
    Prof. C. Jesshope Surrey University
    Dr. D. May INMOS Ltd.
    Prof. R. Milner Edinburgh University
    Dr. D. Nicole Southampton University
    Prof. E. Odijk Philips Research
    Prof. S.Peyton-Jones Glasgow University
    Prof I. Watson Manchester University

Position Papers

Potential participants should submit a position paper or extended abstract
of around 1500 words indicating the current direction of their research.
The position papers of all participants will be made available at the
workshop. It is hoped that fuller versions of selected papers will be
published more formally.

Suitable topics for position papers include, but are not limited to :

    Low level abstract machine models
    Impact of machine models on operating system design
    Models for general purpose parallel computing
    Performance models
    High level programming models
    Parallel system architectures
    Application-specific language interfaces
    Hardware support for abstract machine models
    Portable distribution runtime environments
    Open standards

Position papers should be submitted no later than 31st January 1991 to :

    Mrs. J. A. Thursby
    Abstract Machine Workshop Secretary
    School of Computer Studies
    The University
    LS2 9JT


The basic cost of the workshop will be approximately 100 pounds, which
includes lunch and light refreshments on each day, and a copy of the
position papers.

Optional costs will be approximately :

Bed & Breakfast 24 to 26 March 20 pounds for each day
Dinner 24 to 25 March 9 pounds
Workshop Dinner Tuesday 25 March 25 pounds (incl. wine)

Vegetarian meals are available on all occasions.

Intending participants should send no money at this stage. Payment forms
will be sent with acceptance of position papers.

Programme Committee :-

    Prof. P.M. Dew Leeds University (co-chair)
    Dr. Tom Lake GLOSSA (co-chair)
    Mr. J.R. Davy Leeds University (local organiser)
    Dr. R. Allen S.E.R.C. Daresbury Laboratory
    Dr. J.P. Banatre IRISA
    Prof. J. Gurd Manchester University
    Prof. A. Hey Southampton University
    Prof. C. Jesshope Surrey University
    Dr. D. May INMOS Ltd.
    Prof. R. Milner Edinburgh University
    Mr. M. Platt I.B.M. U.K. Scientific Centre
    Dr. C.P. Wadsworth S.E.R.C. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

For further details please do NOT contact the sender of this message.
Instead contact the Workshop Secretary, whose postal address is given
above or contact the Local Organiser Mr. J.R. Davy (Email :

                                        ** PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT **

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