GCC vs. Turbo C performance

28 Nov 90 19:55:00 GMT

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Date: 28 Nov 90 19:55:00 GMT

Re: time spent in GCC's "parse" phase.

I would assume that this "parse" phase is actually the entire front-end.
I doubt if they separate out the time actually spent walking the parse
tables themselves. I agree with others that this aspect is not a big
deal. Turbo C and Think C probably get their speed by doing most of the
front-end processing while the user is typing in the program.

S. Tucker Taft
Intermetrics, Inc.
Cambridge, MA 02138
[Turbo is a conventional compiler that compiles regular old ASCII source files
into binary code. It buffers entire files in memory, compiles directly to
object code without a separate assembler step, and uses a very fast and
simple linker. Nothing exotic, just good engineering. -John]

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