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Wed, 21 Nov 1990 13:47 EST

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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 1990 13:47 EST

In article <21757@orstcs.CS.ORST.EDU>, (Zikif Hamdy) writes:
> I am looking for a good book on how to write an assembler. ...

_Program Translation Fundamentals_ by Peter Calingaert has a good section on
assemblers; he discusses a two-pass assembler in some depth and one-pass
assemblers more briefly. There is also a list of other books discussing
assemblers. It was published by Computer Science Press, copyright 1988.
The author says it is intended as a one-semester text in a first course on

I think is is a very good book; it does not have the detail of the dragon
book, but presents its material clearly and simply, concentrating on the
fundamentals and giving references where the reader can find more detail.
I've found it very useful for self-study.

T. Kurt Bond

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