Re: Why RTL for GCC ? (Dieter Gehrke)
17 Nov 90 13:22:41

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From: (Dieter Gehrke)
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Organization: Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Aalborg
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Date: 17 Nov 90 13:22:41

In article <> (Michael K. Gschwind) writes:

> I think GCC was NOT derived from a compiler, but from a machine code
> optimizer written at the U. of Arizona. It's more natural to map machine
> instructions to RTL than quads.

Maybe so, but have you tried to map Transputer machine code to RTL?
The transputer is a stack machine, RTL is intended for register

-Dieter Gehrke (
[How much optimization can one do for a stack machine anyway? There's no
obvious place to stash common subexpressions. -John]

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