Re: yet another yacc query (Arnold Robbins)
19 Nov 90 15:19:24 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Arnold Robbins)
Keywords: yacc, question
Organization: AudioFAX, Inc., Atlanta, GA
References: <9011161452.AA01858@oucsace.cs.OhioU.Edu>
Date: 19 Nov 90 15:19:24 GMT

In article <9011161452.AA01858@oucsace.cs.OhioU.Edu> Cem Bozsahin <> writes:
>... I need some yacc examples that I can use for an introductory Formal
>Languages/Syntactic analysis class. Grammars for a subset of pascal or for
>arithmetic expressions are most welcome.

The source code for GNU Awk (gawk) has a yacc grammar for the awk language,
which includes arithmetic expressions as well as conventional control
structures. You can get it via ftp to And it's also at
Ohio State for uucp.
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