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16 Nov 90 09:23:21 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Michael K. Gschwind)
Keywords: GCC, RTL, optimize
Organization: Vienna University of Technology
References: <>
Date: 16 Nov 90 09:23:21 GMT

In article <> (Neil Burkhard) writes:
>I've noticed some recent postings in comp.compilers about an RTL
>representation used by the GNU compilers. I'm interested in reading up on
>this. Is there a reference anybody can suggest?

The GNU cc manual is distributed with the source as a tex source file.
You may want to get the distribution from or some other
ftp archive.

The idea of using RTL came from the U. of Arizona Portable Optimizer,
written by Jack Davidson and Christopher Fraser. This is described in
"Register Allocation and Exhaustive Peephole Optimization",
Software Practice and Experience 14 (9), Sept. 1984, pp. 857-866

There is another paper providing a quick overview of RTL (~ 2-3 pages)
in Michael Tiemann, "The GNU instruction scheduler"
(course report from Stanford, I can't remember the number :-( )

You also may want to read what the Dragon book says about code generator
generators, there are many parallels, but where they use trees as
intermediate representation, GNU uses lists.


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