Re: MS-DOS C compiler selection (Patrick J Draper)
Thu, 15 Nov 90 23:47:53 GMT

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From: (Patrick J Draper)
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Keywords: C, question
Organization: Dept. of Computer Science, Michigan State University
References: <126@bwilab3.UUCP>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 23:47:53 GMT

In article <126@bwilab3.UUCP> bwilab3! (Murray W. Hertz, Jr.) writes:
>I am trying to make a decision on a C compiler to use in an MS-DOS
>environment to communicate with the Oracle DBMS. They tell me that they
>support either a Microsoft 6.0 or Lattice C interface, and I am trying to

Oracle Corp. *plans* to support Microsoft 6.0, but all they do now is
5.01. As you know, Microsoft C 5.01 is almost unavailable, so if you want
to go the Microsoft route, you'll be in a bind for a little while.
Patrick Draper

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