New version of Eli Compiler Construction System Available (Tony Sloane)
1 Nov 90 19:39:04 GMT

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New version of Eli Compiler Construction System Available (1990-11-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Tony Sloane)
Keywords: Eli,yacc,lex
Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder
Date: 1 Nov 90 19:39:04 GMT

We have released a new version of the Eli compiler construction system
for Sun3, Sun4 and VAX computers. Eli integrates off-the-shelf tools
and libraries with specialized language processors to generate complete
compilers quickly and reliably. Its aim is to simplify the development
of new special-purpose languages, implementation of existing languages
on new hardware and extension of the constructs and features of
existing languages. This message contains a short overview of Eli's
capabilities, information on how to obtain a copy, and the license
agreement under which Eli is made available.

Compiler construction is one of the most heavily-studied applications
in computer science. Many common subproblems of this application have
been identified and standard solutions devised. Languages such as
regular expressions and context-free grammars are available to describe
instances of these subproblems so that a tool can generate code to
solve them. The Eli system was created to overcome the barriers that
prevent routine use of such tools. A simple compiler model provides a
specific set of subproblems to be solved by the designer. Solutions
are in the form of specifications that may be created specially or
extracted from a library, and the actual compiler construction is
managed by an expert system that hides the details of tool use. With a
simple request, a user can specify creation of any of a wide range of
products from a given set of specifications. Typical products are the
results of executing the generated compiler on a specified test
program, the executable version of that compiler, and the source code
and Makefile needed to create it without using Eli. Other products
allow the user to obtain performance information and analyze
compilation tactics. A help facility links error reports directly to
on-line documentation in hypertext form.

The Eli system is available via anonymous ftp (,, pub/eli), or on magnetic tape. It requires a Pascal
compiler, and has been tested on Sun equipment under SunOS3.x, 4.0 and
4.1, and on VAX equipment under 4.3BSD and Ultrix2.2. Complete system
documentation in two formats, Tex dvi format and PostScript for an
Apple LaserWriter, is included. Optionally, the documentation is
available in hard copy. Prices (in US dollars) include shipping:

      > Installation tape (DC600A cartridge $75, 9-track $100)
      > Optional hard copy documentation (about 600 pages: $30)

The University requires payment in advance via a check or money order
drawn on a US bank and made payable to the University of Colorado. Be
sure to specify cartridge or 9-track tape, and optional documentation
if required. Mail your order to:

      Software Engineering Group
      Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      University of Colorado
      Boulder, CO 80309-0425

The Regents of the University of Colorado will grant you a
non-exclusive license to use Eli, subject to the following terms and

The software and documentation are copyrighted with all rights
reserved. Under the copyright laws, the software and documentation
may be copied only for normal use of the software or for making a
backup copy. Such copying rights extend to any other users who are
part of the same organization, provided that they observe the same
terms and conditions. The same proprietary and copyright notices must
be affixed to any permitted copies as were affixed to the original.

Tony Sloane Computer Science Department University of Colorado at Boulder


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