Call for Votes: comp.research.japan (Japanese CS Project)
31 Oct 90 15:24:50 GMT

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Call for Votes: comp.research.japan (1990-10-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Japanese CS Project)
Keywords: japan, computer science, research results
Organization: U of Arizona CS Dept, Tucson
Date: 31 Oct 90 15:24:50 GMT

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion concerning this
group. The only substantial change has been in the name of the
group; several people suggested that comp.research.japan would
be a better name than comp.japan.research, and after some refection,
I concurred.


*** First Call for Votes *** -- comp.research.japan


Dates: The voting period will start Sunday, Oct. 28, 1990, and
                                                            end Sunday, Nov. 25, 1990

Voting: Send email with your vote to ""
                (a reply to this posting should be sufficient.)

                Your preference must be indicated clearly either in the subject
                line or in the message text. For example, either:

                                yes comp.research.japan


                                no comp.research.japan

                would be fine. The exact wording is not crucial, but your
                intentions must be clear.

                Votes that are qualified in any way, such as "yes/no if...."
                will not be counted. Votes sent anywhere else or posted to
                a newsgroup also cannot be counted.

                I will post a second call for votes and a "mass acknowledgement"
                about halfway through the voting period.


Name: comp.research.japan

Moderation: yes (I have volunteered.)

Scope and purpose:

        There is limited awareness of Japanese developments in computer
        science outside of Japan. The purpose of this newsgroup would be
        to increase accessibility to these research results by providing a
        forum for publicizing this work and for subsequent discussions. In
        particular, the types of articles envisioned would include the

              -- Information about CS research papers published in Japan,
                    including titles, authors, and (where feasible) abstracts.
                    We are currently pursuing ways to provide information such
                    as the Table of Contents of Japanese journals on a
                    systematic basis.

              -- Descriptions of current Japanese CS research activities,
                    such as the reports written by Dr. David Kahaner from the
                    Office of Naval Research/Far East (currently posted to

              -- Specific requests for information.

              -- Announcements related to CS in Japan, including those related
                    to conferences held in Japan, research opportunities in
                    Japan, etc.

              -- General discussions on CS in Japan.
Rick Schlichting, Associate Professor (
Dept of Computer Science, The University of Arizona

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