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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Piet van Oostrum)
In-Reply-To: sankar@Neon.Stanford.EDU (Sriram Sankar)
Keywords: Pascal, parse, LL(1)
Organization: Dept of Computer Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
References: <1990Oct26.213044.28243@Neon.Stanford.EDU>
Date: 29 Oct 90 14:47:25 GMT

>>>>> In article <1990Oct26.213044.28243@Neon.Stanford.EDU>, sankar@Neon.Stanford.EDU (Sriram Sankar) (SS) writes:

SS> Since PASCAL has a rule that dangling else's associate with the
SS> innermost 'if', it seems obvious to me that PASCAL (at least wrt to the
SS> if statement) is LR. If the dangling else was associated with the
SS> outermost 'if' you can still make the necessary S/R decisions, so I do
SS> think (not looked at it carefully enough though) that this too is LR.

It is even very easy to rewrite the grammar to be LR(1). Someone did that a
few postings ago. See also the dragon book [1], p. 175

The dragon book also states that it is impossible to change the
if-then-else grammar to an equivalent one that is LL(1) (page 192). I have
not seen a proof of this, so I accept this by faith.

[1] Aho, Sethi and Ullman, Compilers, Principles, Techniques and Tools,
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