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Thu, 25 Oct 90 21:18:46 GMT

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From: (Jeff Sicherman)
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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 90 21:18:46 GMT

Maybe this belongs in alt.rumors, but does anybody know if there are any
pending/possible upgrades to MS Fortran any time soon. I think the cuurent
version is 5.x (=0 last I heard but may be bug fixes). Currently using 4.10
and wondering if would have to update twice if going to 5.0 soon. Don't
really need the features in 5.x but are there significant bug fixes in
5.x over 4.10 ? The certification of 5.x makes me wonder.

I know 5.x has been out quite a while. Please excuse the archaic nature of
these questions.

Jeff Sicherman

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