Summary: available 8086 disassembler (Raymond Lo)
25 Oct 90 18:02:17 GMT

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Summary: available 8086 disassembler (1990-10-25)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Raymond Lo)
Keywords: disassemble
Organization: University of California at Davis
Date: 25 Oct 90 18:02:17 GMT

Thanks for the response of Raymond Chen, Marcelo Mourier, Michael Adams,
Othman Ahmad, Otto Makela, Pace Willisson, Mike Irons, Brett Jacobson,
Chuck Swenson, Greg Montgomery for my disassembler request. Here is
the summary.

disassemlber Available from Comment
------------ ---------------------------------------------------
DEB2ASM.PQS simtel20 pd1:<msdos.disasm> DOS, use DEBUG, binary only
DIS86.ARC simtel20 pd1:<msdos.disasm> DOS, binary only
RES86.ARC simtel20 pd1:<msdos.disasm> DOS, binary only
dis88 Minix 1.5 distribution Minix, written in C
dis88 comp.sources.unix/volume15 PC/IX, wirtten in C
id12 DOS, written in C
gdb GNU software distribution Sun/386i, UNIX, written in C
Bruce kernel debugger ? Minix

id12 has a simple flow-control tracer and disassembler for 8086. You could
use it to produce compilable assembler listings of .com programs and
.com-like device drivers.

The 386 instruction printer in gdb is written by Pace Willisson. Pace
mentioned that with some modification, the instruction printer can be used to
disassembler 8086 code. (I have more detail if anyone is interested.)

There are also several good commercial disassemblers to use, like
Borland Turbo debugger and Sourcer, if you do not need source.

Raymond Lo <>
Computer Science Division, Univ. of California, Davis, CA 95616

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