Re: Question About YACC's Memory Management

djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones)
21 Oct 90 00:19:32 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: djones@megatest.uucp (Dave Jones)
Keywords: yacc
Organization: Megatest Corporation, San Jose, Ca
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Date: 21 Oct 90 00:19:32 GMT

In article <>, (Jennitta Andrea) writes:
> I have a parser which is intended to be called repeatedly from a driver
> program. ...
> I have typed the value stack to contain pointers to characters. I
> malloc the memory required for each token in lex (assigning yylval to
> point to that block of memory) before returning the token to yacc. It
> appears that this memory is not cleaned up when yacc frees the value stack.
> Am I required to explicitly free each token once the parser has reduced
> a rule? ...


But you probably don't really want to use malloc directly for this purpose,

One way is to write or borrow an expandable string-table package.
When you are through with the strings, free them all at one go.

But why copy the tokens at all? A technique I have used when extreme
speed was wanted is to read the entire input file into a buffer at the
start. Then a token is coded for with a structure containing a pointer
into the file-buffer, and a character count. The structures, being all
the same size, can be allocated in blocks of a thousand or so, and kept
in free-lists for re-use rather than returned with free().

Actual example follows. The pointer into the buffer and the character
count are the second and third fields respectively.

typedef struct token
{ int type; /* as per gram.y and */
    char* token_image; /* pointer to token within line */
    int length; /* length of token */
    char* line_image; /* \n terminated line containing token */
    int line_num; /* line number within source file */
    struct src *src_file; /* file containing the token */
    int hval; /* hash-value for identifiers... */

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