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mhumi@wpi.wpi.edu (Mayer Humi)
Thu, 18 Oct 90 18:03:06 EDT

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386 fortran mhumi@wpi.wpi.edu (1990-10-18)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.fortran,comp.os.msdos.programmer
From: mhumi@wpi.wpi.edu (Mayer Humi)
Keywords: Fortran, question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 90 18:03:06 EDT

I have a 386 pc at 25mhz with 8MEG and Weitek coprocessor. It is
running under MS-DOS. I want to buy a Fortran compiler for this
machine that will use the extended memory and the coprocessor.
I shall greatly any advice to this effect. In particular
any information regarding the performance of NDP,
Silicon-Valley and Watcom fortran compilers will be appreciated.

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