Kahaner report: Japan Info '90

"Rick Schlichting" <rick@cs.arizona.edu>
Mon, 15 Oct 90 09:10:30 MST

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Kahaner report: Japan Info '90 rick@cs.arizona.edu (Rick Schlichting) (1990-10-15)
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From: "Rick Schlichting" <rick@cs.arizona.edu>
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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 09:10:30 MST

    [Dr. David Kahaner is a numerical analyst visiting Japan for twoyears
      under the auspices of the Office of Naval Research-Far East (ONRFE). ...

Reply-To: David K. Kahaner
Re: Japan Info Proc Soc Meeting 4-6 Sept 1990.
Date: 16 Oct 1990

ABSTRACT. We present titles and authors of papers from the Information
Processing Society of Japan semiannual meeting, 4-6 September, 1990.

[There follows a 2000 line summary of the papers. Some of them deal with
compilers. The full list has been posted to soc.culture.japan, comp.ai,
comp.arch,comp.databases, comp.software-eng, comp.sys.super, comp.realtime,
and comp.os.research, and is also probably available via FTP from
cs.arizona.edu. Since it's so widely available, it didn't seem worth
repeating the full article here. -John]

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