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10 Oct 90 20:41:52 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Keywords: code,optimize
Organization: University of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle
References: <>
Distribution: usa
Date: 10 Oct 90 20:41:52 GMT

The moderator writes:
>[If you want to make a unix kernel significantly smaller, turn off features
>and make tables smaller. Code optimizers don't make that much size
>difference. -John]

Alan Wendt notes that optimizers can be tuned for reducing
code size rather than reducing runtime. The paper he
references says that they sometimes got space savings on the
order of 30%.

See also:
%A Thomas Pittman
%T Two-Level Hybrid Interpreter/Native Code Execution for Combined
Space-Time Program Efficiciency
%D 1987
%P 150-152

And Peter Deutsch's Smalltalk-80 implementation from ParcPlace
Systems gets 4:1 or more compression by using bytecodes and
generating n-code in to a code cache on demand.

;-D on ( Bittencodes ) Pardo
[Good points, I was thinking of the sort of optimization you get with your
typical -O flag. -John]

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