clipper decompiler (Leny Freeman)
9 Oct 90 23:20:30 GMT

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clipper decompiler (1990-10-09)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Leny Freeman)
Keywords: disassemble, debug
Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Distribution: usa
Date: 9 Oct 90 23:20:30 GMT

This is in reply to someone's inquiry about a Clipper decompiler. I heard
from a friend, who is a Clipper programmer, there IS a Clipper decompiler
called VALKYRIE and that it's not cheap. It's for the serious Clipper
programmer who has (gulp) lost his source code.

I have not used this myself nor do I have any vested interest in this company.
Since I have lost the person's name who posted this request, I am posting
this info for the benefit of all interested netters. So flames > nul.

Program name: VALKYRIE

                        Programming Solutions Inc.
                        5320 South 900 East #100
                        Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
                        (801) 262-4141
                        contact Steve Klingler

University of Southern California
[Some of us wonder how serious a programmer is who is so sloppy as to lose all
copies of the source to a useful program. I keep backup tapes in my safe
deposit box. -John]

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