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6 Oct 90 15:27:50 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Ron Guilmette)
Keywords: futures
Organization: Network Computing Devices, Inc., Mt. View, CA
References: <>
Date: 6 Oct 90 15:27:50 GMT

In article <> Jeff Prothero <> writes:
>Anyone (John? Preston? Peter? ...) want to offer comments on what is Right
>and Wrong with the compiler field today, and what compilers will look like
>ten or twenty years from now?

My 2 cents worth of prognostication:

VLIW, industrial-strength instruction scheduling, and industrial-
strength alias analysis will be commonplace in 20 years.

Incremental compilation `while-u-type' will be commonplace 20 years
from now. Thus, the issue of compilation speed will be mostly
moot because by the time you stop editing, your changes will have
already been compiled. Impact: fewer coffee breaks. :-)

// Ron Guilmette - C++ Entomologist
// Internet: uucp: ...uunet!lupine!rfg

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